Our approach to deliver quality websites

Agile Software development and SCRUM process

We use the tried and tested Agile Software Development method to develop our websites. The main keywords of this methodology are "adaptive" and "iterative". This allows changes in the system and the time to deliver is vastly reduced. Agile methodology facilitates better managed development. Agile methods maximise productivity by developing websites in short iterations.

At OWD, we use the SCRUM process to develop our website and applications. It is a team-oriented approach designed to iteratively and incrementally develop websites and can handle requests for change through iterations effectively. SCRUM proposes creation of self reliant and organised teams. It allows the creation of the best possible website created within deadlines while using the available resources.

Communication Analysis Finalisation Planning
This is the most crucial step.

We plan in details the execution of the site. The website or the web aplication is broken down into separate modules.

Each module is given a timeline.

We allocate the manpower and proceed based on defined timelines.

This is the step where our developers actually develop the website based on the specifications we have received. One project leader is allocated to a project to supervise the development of the website. He is asked to ensure that all the timelines and goals are achieved and there are minimum to nil overruns. After completion of each module or a sprint cycle the developed module is tested and uploaded for the client to view. Any change requests if initiated are taken care of in the following spriints.

The developers report everyday to the the Project Leader on the progress of the website. At the end of the project the modules are integrated seamlessly into the whole system.

Our testing team tests the modules/site for errors rigorously. The errors are identified and sent back to the development team. An error log is maintained to keep record of developer error levels. Our testers carry out unit testing, integration tests, portability tests, security tests, incremental testing and overall testing. This enables us to deliver faultless websites.

After we receive a quality certificate from our testing team we deploy the website and web application on the live server.

Final Testing
We conduct final testing of the site after uploading it on the live server.

One month free support is provided to the sites from the day the website is put LIVE on the client's server.